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ref date:19 Oct 1998 (WBA)
Unions in Labours pocket?

Labours broken sleaze pledge has surfaced yet again.

Now we know why Union leaders are getting a new voice in Labours policy setting, perhaps Thatcher was right after all.

Labour has asked that parties limit their spending on election campaigns to 1.5 million pounds during the run up to the Scottish parliamentary elections and yet they allow UNIONS to spend 5% of their funds (up to $120,000 = 75,000 pounds EACH) to help fund Labour' election campaign.

This is undemocratic, it is vote buying, its typical sleazy Westminster.

You can be certain that the SNP will be excluded or severely restricted in its access to TV and radio again, as it was at the last election.

Michael Russell of the SNP said "I am looking to the unions to say they will not campaign in this way. I want them to behave responsibly and not as the tools of London because they have not considered the views of the Scottish workforce."

If Labour and Unions get away with this we are on the slippery vote buying slope that rots politics in the USA, some bloody democracy.