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ref date:21 Nov 1997 (EDU)
Scotlands Universities suffer under Labour

The number of applicants seeking places in Scottish universities has dropped 10% compared to last year - purely as a result of the imposition of tuition fees by Labour and scrapping of student grants (Labours education tax effectively ).

These people are more Tory than the Tories and misinformed Scots voted for them? I hope they are proud of what Labour is doing for Scotland - sweet nothing

The figures were revealed as pressure mounted on Brian Wilson, the Scottish education minister.

Scotland's three main opposition parties made their low opinions of him and of his Labour party quite clear on the matter of education. Labour promised more higher education - it lied

The Campaign for Free Education, a student pressure group, will stage an anti-fees demonstration in London. Labour MP, Jeremy Corbyn, and one of the party's MEPs, Ken Coates, will address the rally.