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ref date:11 Apr 2000 (EDU)
Scotlands universities showing class bias?

I would hope this is not the case. Its a sad fact that public education has been squeezed for years by labour and Tory alike, making it impossible to retain good, well motivated teachers. The result is generally a lower level of attainment by pupils taught by such teachers.

The poorer the area the worse the school, sad but undeniably true in most cases.

Private schools have paying parents so of course the entrants to university will appear better off! The students often are better academic achievers, so it is more likely we are seeing the fruit of years on neglect in public schools (council run) translating into wealthier , more qualified entrants. Strange that so many of these entrants to Edinburgh (my alma mater) and St Andrews are all from wealthier Southern English families resident down south or now in Scotland!