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ref date:10 Jan 2001 (ENV)
Depleted Uranium threat to Scotlands seas

It's fairly clear that the United States is putting great pressure on its once NATO allies to distance themselves from admitting that Uranium HAS entered the food chain and water supply in Kosovo and Iraq.

Why?Legal liability. Should the Europeans concede in court that the many diseases that have appeared in ground troops and the indigenous populations attacked by these troops is Uranium related, the US government, and indeed all governments of all NATO and Gulf 'alliance' countries are in deep water.

Remember the fiasco, deaths and damage caused to US troops and indigenous peoples in Vietnam with 'agent orange' fall out? Can you trust the NATO governments?

It seems that the sea off part of Scotlands coast has as many as 6,000 depleted Uranium shells rotting away in its mud and silt bottom FIRED BY THE 'BRITISH' ARMY.

Thanks London.