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ref date:27 Feb 2001 (ENV)
Depleted Uranium goes missing in Scottish seas

Alasdair Morgan, MP and MSP for Galloway and Upper Nithsdale, said he was tabling questions for both Westminster and Holyrood over the regulation and monitoring of depleted uranium use off the Scottish coast.

After the MOD admitted 'losing' pounds of the material and then claiming it wss 'probably safe', Mr Morgan claimed the entire MOD 'recovery' operation was "worthy of the Keystone Cops".

He added "After losing more than 6000 DU shells in the Solway Firth, and realising they don't know where they are, they put down some more to monitor the effects and proceed to lose it. It doesn't fill me full of confidence in their abilities. The MoD and the government should acknowledge legitimate local concerns and cease testing immediately."