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ref date:27 Apr 1998 (CD)
Young men attacked by New Labour

Tony Blair, that well know proponent of anti Tory policy wants to take urgent measures to curb young males in Scotland and England as they are a generation of 'misfits'

These same misfits voted Labour into power hoping for jobs, less crime and a future. The very things 'New Labour' is still failing to deliver on.

Perhaps Blair would like a world war III to weed out these delinquents in the same way as the upper classes culled those below them on the social ladder in 1914-1918?

This comment doesn't condone crime, but it does not condone inaction either.

Give these young men and women a chance to lead to happy and productive lives, thats all labour has to do. Its a shame that runs orthogonally to new Labours New Tory policies isn't it?