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ref date:1 Aug 1998 (SI)
US ambassador interferes in Scottish move to Independence

The US ambassador to the so called 'United Kingdom' has expressed concerns over the break up of the 'UK' should the Scots choose this path through free elections after 300 years under Londons thumb.

It seems as though the US ambassador has forgotten WHY the British (read English, controlled by London) were kicked out of the then North American colony in the first place.

Unfair taxes, a poor penal system, direct interference in the growth of a new and vigorous democracy, the list is endless.

Would the USA actually interfere in the democratic process of another country again?

The American public should understand the Scots have endured the same indignities and pains under Londons control that Ireland has felt, and should stand by the Scots if they vote in free elections to become independent once more.

If London has to pay for Scottish Oil and Gas that is only fair, I dont see Saudi or Kuwait giving Oil away to anyone after all. The Sottish economy is vibrant, a mixture of high tech computing and Biotech as well as whisky manufacture, lumber, fishing and a very strong financial sector.

Support the Scots if they chose to break from London and become full members of the European Union, after all, how many Americans do have strong ties back to the 'old' country?

Dr. Ivan Bishop A Scot in California.