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ref date:5 Mar 1999 (EU)
USA sulking over bananas Scottish jobs at risk

This all sounds like a joke, but the Americans are trying to flex what is left of their economic muscle by placing very high (100%) taxes on Cashmere and shortbread, two of Scotlands traditional exports to the USA, and all because Europeans prefer to buy their bananas from Africa or the west indies and NOT the USA controlled Central America!

The American action is in breach of many world trade organization mandates.

Perhaps the EU needs to make it plain that we wont be accepting any NSA "spy equipped" Intel pentium III chips into the EU, that will make them see sense.

Blair said "As a result of what we have already done, we have managed to get the decision postponed but it is still unacceptable.
We have made the arrangements necessary for the companies to give guarantees so that they can keep going. Nobody should be in any doubt at all of our determination to make sure Scottish jobs - and indeed British jobs - are properly protected."