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ref date:1 Jul 1999 (ECON)
Scottish investment to be vetoed by London as predicted

Even before the Scots were foolish enough to put their faith in Labour (again) this site predicted that inward investment into Scotland would be regulated by London, with London wielding a veto to say who and who could not invest in Scotland. THIS IS ILLEGAL under terms in the Treaty of Union 1707.

Now it has happened. The DTI (dept of trade and industry) and Englands Treasury will control who invests in Scotland and therefore how many jobs we can generate, very equitable? I think not.

The first good example of the job losses this has created is VIASYSTEMS. Squeezed out of Scotland by lack of help from the so called 'Scottish Office' into Northern England by cash granted to that area.

Well, you get what you vote for, and the Scots voted to be screwed by Labour and London - yet again.