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ref date:22 Oct 2000 (WBA)
Commonwealth studies a course to make EVERY Scot sick

In Blairs every increasing mental attempts to brainwash school children into thinking the Queen is good, that being 'British' is good we now have 'the commonwealth is good'.

The so called national curriculum will include lessons on the commonwealth, how Scots and English soldiers and landed families murdered and subjugated most of the world in the name of ENGLANDS Royal families and Empire to fill Londons government and mercantile coffers with Gold, and then apologetically set these nations 'free' with no help to prevent civil strife in the 1950's and 1960's.

BRAINWASHING BLAIR : Keep your imperialist crap to yourself, and let your last colony go free, let Scotland go free rather than raping her oil and gas.

Also see Citizenship lessons an afront to Scottish children