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ref date:15 Sep 2000 (ENV)
Scottish friends of the Earth on another planet

Kevin Dunion, the director of "friends of the earth Scotland" said of the protests over HIGH FUEL TAXATION that "The petrol protesters' campaign is both selfish and ill-informed".

He went on to say "Our advice to Mr Blair is: 'Don't give in to the self-interested fuel lobby. Don't give up your agenda for a clean environment, better public transport and improved health for vulnerable people in our society'."

The Greens have lost all respect they once had in Scotland. Here is what they need to realise:

  • people will always need to drive to work for the foreseeable future
  • The USA and China are the worlds gross polluters, why should the Scots subsidize them?
  • Radiation from wireless devices and towers is FAR more dangerous than car exhaust, campaign on that for the kids instead!!