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ref date:10 Oct 2002 (cd)
Scots ignored in debate over war with Iraq
A poll in Scotland has found that the Scots are NOT at all happy with the way their voice over the USA-UK "axis of terror" scenario is unfolding. Scots want their voice heard as their sons and daughters will AS USUAL be sent to fight Englands wars and they'll spend our taxes without EVER letting the Scottish 'parliament' discuss the matter.

The SNP leader, John Swinney said: "These are powerful findings, which show that Scots want the strongest possible democratic scrutiny and control over the government's policy on Iraq, including a real say for the Scottish Parliament."

In typical ANTI Scottish, pro imperial fashion Labour dubbed this "disgraceful opportunism" and the Tories said there was nothing to be gained from further debate in the Scottish Parliament, adding: "It is about time the SNP grew up."

Time the Scots SCREWED Westminster actually......