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ref date:3 Feb 2003 (econ)
Water privatisation by the back door
Its NO big secret that since the English were silly enough to privatise their water supply companies that three things have happened: none of which have been beneficial to business or domestic consumers

  • [1] Prices have sky rocketed
  • [2] Water purity has declined leading to dirtier beaches and rivers
  • [3] It has encouraged local monopolies

    Now it seems that the London poodles in Scotlands pseudo-parliament want to do ALL but call it privatisation, and privatise Scottish water too.

    Bruce Crawford, the SNP environment minister, said: "This comes as no great surprise as in the leaked coalition document last November the executive made it quite clear that it was their intention to privatise not only the supply for businesses but also for domestic customers."

    Scots, get a damned clue and vote SNP, before the turds appear in your drinking water as WELL as your 'parliament'.....