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ref date:21 Apr 1999 (ENV)
Scottish water polluted by uncaring landowners

Many landowners of Scotland (several given title 300 years ago when their ancestors sold Scotlands independence off by taking English gold and land to sign the "Treaty of Union") are allowing severely polluted water into the drinking supply in order to price hike land prices BEFORE they'll sell to government agencies instructed to stop the pollution!

This is unacceptable and runs against Labours green promises from the last election in may 1997.

Elizabeth Leighton (World Wide Fund for Nature in Scotland) said: "We agree that it is not lack of willingness on the part of the authorities to deal with this problem, it is lack of power. We would like to see the new Scottish Parliament as a matter of urgency ensure that this access issue is sorted out compulsory powers must be granted if landowners are not to hold the country to ransom over this pollution threat."