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ref date:19 Sep 2002 (wba)
Blair speaks on poverty but doesnt care
Tony Blair is trying to pretend that his right wing party, more aligned with the extremists in Thatchers cabinet in her prime, CARES about poverty.

He talks of no more tax rises, when his party has lied and lied and raised total taxation to unprecedented levels in Scotland and England since 1997.

He talks of 'Redistribution', an old labour and socialist ideal that he threw away when 'new' Labour was conceived as a marketing gimic to sucker Southern English voters into voting labour.

He talks 'garbage' to use an Americanism.

He has caused more poverty in Scotland than at any time since the depression or the highland clearances!

During a visit to a Sure Start scheme in North London, timed to coincide with the government's fourth annual report on poverty, the prime minister admitted that redistribution must continue "to combat poverty and social exclusion, to deliver public services people can trust and take down the barriers that hold people back".

Yes, of course Mr Blair, we sheep agree with you, well some of us do, the ones who dont have scabies.