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ref date:21 Jul 2001 (ENV)
Whales cash and Japanese sub-culture

A report to be presented to the International whaling commission will show that Scotland now attracts 250,000 people a year to watch whales in Scottish water and that the revenue raised is HALF what Japan makes by slaughtering Minke whales for FOOD (not research as they so blatantly lie).

Norway may well boost its tourist industry instead and stop killing Minke whales for the Japanese.

Japan is still using hard cash to pervert the IWC and stop sanctuaries being setup.

Atherton Martin, environment minister for the Dominican Republic, resigned after he alleged that Japan tried to manipulate the small Caribbean country's vote at the IWC in London.

"There is absolutely no reason for us to be held ransom by Japan or annoy any other country or agency in return for promises of aid," he said.