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ref date:19 Mar 1999 (EU)
Labours paper in Scotland (the Scotsman) decries Europe

Andrew Neil, the editor of the once eloquent and informative 'Scotsman' paper, based in #Edinburgh said in his editorial today:

"AS EVENTS in Brussels turn from tragedy to farce, Tony Blair should take serious stock of his Euro-enthusiasms: they are as much a danger to him as to the country."

So, Europe is dangerous is it? The Euro is dangerous? The fact an independent Scotland with its own direct voice is dangerous?

Dangerous to whom and to what?

To London, to Westminsters vampiric draining of Scottish will, Scottish dignity, Scottish oil.

The Scotsman paper appears to be Xenophobic and certainly does not reflect the views of the Scots as a people who are outgoing.

The SUN and Scotsman papers have more in common now than one would have thought, rabid anti-Euro stances.

The bottom line is neither paper has the foresight to take the lead and push for Scottish independence, they are scared of their own shadows like infants in their nighttime cribs. The fact they will have to lay the blame for Scotlands continuing misfortune at the Scottish voters inability to see through Londons lies is something they are not prepared to do. Why upset your readers?

Let them feel warm and comfortable by attacking the SNP , the Europeans, the anti-Unionists - rather than face the stark truth that they haven't gathered the courage to just say NO to London and Labour and Tory once and for all.