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ref date:3 Oct 2002 (env)
Scottish windfarms full of hot air?
Scotland is a great country for renewable energy sources. Its windy on the west coast and has great currents rolling in off the Atlantic ocean for oceanic turbines on the waters surface or under the sea itself.

However, although many do not object to the visual impact of wind turbines ( I think they look pretty good actually!) there is a case to be answered that the latest venture that will generate up to 200MW of electricity using turbines on a sand bank off the Scottish coast will NOT employ Scots. Furthermore, the electricity generated will go into the grid and STILL BE TAXED for 'ecotaxes' as if it came from filthy coal powered generation plant.

Heres the problem, a problem caused as usual by London and the lack of self rule.

Whats really annoying is that the Scottish 'parliament' has planning authority because London SAYS ITS IN SCOTTISH WATERS, and yet when we Scots say SO IS THE DAMNED OIL AND GAS... suddenly its ALL "UK" continental shelf... so London can steal all the revenue from Scotland.....