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ref date:11 Apr 2000 (HEA)
Wireless stupidity

The wireless industry is essential to business. However, the radiation from the handsets and the wireless towers themselves is dangerous to human health at levels 10-100 times less powerful than accepted 'safety' limits.

So, the "UK" treasury thinks it has made a killing in auctioning off parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to wireless providers. That will be seen in years to come as a folly comparable with the cost of Alaska when the US bought it from Russia.

The cancers and genetic damage these devices will cause will cost hundreds of billions to treat worldwide and make the tobacco-cancer lies look like chicken feed.

Perhaps the public need to be told what they are really doing to their health with their 'free minutes', a minute is a long time when your doctor has told you there is nothing he can do to prevent your death from an exotic cancer or that your unborn child has an unexplainable genetic deformity.

Until INDEPENDENT studies have been conducted in full public view, away from the clutches of idiotic, non-competent government departments sponsored by wireless lobbyists, USE CAUTION. Good advice to cell phone users and wireless companies.