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ref date:21 Oct 1998 (ECON)
Labour moves towards USA workfare AWAY from a welfare state

That grim reaper Norman Tebbit told the unemployed to 'get on their bikes' if they had to and look for work.

Now 'Nu' labour looks set to waste millions in tax payers money by making any claimants for sickness , disability or social security benefits PROVE they can't work or are 'actively seeking work'.

Whilst this appears meritorious to weed out those who are in effect defrauding the system, it will hurt the vast majority of those who need support. Must Blair do everything that Reagan and Clinton have done to undermine the poor in US society?

SNP economics spokesman John Swinney said "If Labour includes this in the Queen's Speech, then the UK will have a US-style workfare in all but name - something that not even the Tories dared to introduce. "Compelling disabled people and the long-term sick to accept jobs by threatening to remove benefit is wrong in principle, and could result in people being forced into totally unsuitable and inappropriate posts"