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ref date:6 Feb 2001 (CD)
The parent trap

People who have children should be legally bound to care for them, that's pretty obvious. However, the child support agency is a nest of thieves. They will take cash from a man who has remarried and has a mortgage and a new family and NOT consider what his new costs are, they treat him like a single man and DEPRIVE his new family of a 'fair start in life'.

What the new law passed does is take accountability to the level where separated or divorced couples have NO say over how they care for their children, the state will determine that for them - that's NOT democratic.

The CSA is also allowed to presume a man IS the father of a child if he refuses a DNA test.

Of course, the government will then use this DNA database to help them 'fight crime' i.e. collect information on you without your consent.