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ref date:19 Jan 1999 (EDU)
Edinburgh university - home of the Yah?

I studied for four long years at The University of Edinburgh.

I remember that very few of my peers had cars, went to wine bars or ate bagels rather than burgers at lunchtime.

Now it seems that most of Edinburghs students are from the very wealthiest people in Scotland and England.

It seems that everyone pays taxes and yet with labour having abolished grants, and the Tories having wiped out Social security and housing benefit, you only get in if your parents can afford it.

Dr Eric Wilkinson, a lecturer in Scottish education at Glasgow University, said the financial background a student inherited was now crucial to his or her education. "The arbiters of Scottish education would take the view that education should be available to those willing and able to undertake it, but invariably the financial background of a student determines whether he or she goes or not."