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  independence for Scotland    

2002-10-18   Labour in scotland hiding its financial affairs
2002-10-02   Liberals sold out Scotland for power - confirmed
2002-09-27   Saudi and Iraq no friends of ours
2002-09-19   Blair speaks on poverty but doesnt care
2002-09-19   British home secretary out of line
2002-09-19   Fair voting system in Scotland - not likely
2002-09-10   Labour finances in tatters but it extorts from unions
2002-07-03   Labours plans for Scotland on back on a post card please
2002-05-13   Blair to keep Lords in high places with NO election
2002-05-12   Labour chasing cash from Super rich proving Labour is the NEW TORY party
2002-05-11   Liberal democrats throw gauntlet down over fair votes
2002-04-30  Labour corruption surfacing again?
2002-03-12    Labour in Scotland under fire because it is sleazy
2002-03-08    Scotlands voice being strangled by London as voters disenfranchised
2002-03-07    Blair to reduce or scrap rights of many workers
2002-03-03    Steel industry collapsing as Labours friends stab steel manufacture in the back
2002-03-02    Fife council in central Scotland covering up dirty Labour charity scam
2002-03-01    Labour in Scotland plan veto to keep Scots in the dark
2002-01-31    Ex first minister McLeish gave cash to non-existent charity
2002-01-30    Scottish art, craft, music and culture left underfunded
2002-01-11    Whitehall (England) Claims it does not interfere in Scotlands parliament
2002-01-11    Labour wants to appoint cronies with no parliamentary scrutiny in Scotland
2002-01-09    Winston Churchill greatest Briton and machine gun advocate
2002-01-07    Seat in house of Lords for those selling Scotland out