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ref date:14 Apr 1998 (SI)
Londoner seeks to punish Scots

Trevor Phillips, a candidate for the newly elective position as Mayor of London wants the Scottish people to give money to London,2 billion a year in fact!

Londons price for Scotlands half freedom through its soon to be rigged puppet parliament.

He is under the misguided and misinformed notion that London has subsidised Scotland for years.

Didn't he read the governments own figures showing the Scots have in fact subsidised London for the last almost quarter century with profits from Scottish Oil, Scottish Gas, Scottish banking, and Scottish technical innovation leading to inward investment?

(Clever) Trevor needs to get his 'ducks in a row', as the Americans say, before putting himself in the firing line.

No Trev, the Scots haven't forgotten the document from January 17th 1997 showing how much they have been bled by Westminster.

Believe me, most Scots view London as a fun City, BUT NOT THEIR CAPITAL.