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Complicity - Lest We Forget

  Posted by: Dr-Ivan-Bishop on 7th August 2022 16:41:20.


 Complicity, lest we forget 

“The point is, there is no feasible excuse for what are, for what we have made of ourselves. We have chosen to put profits before people, money before morality, dividends before decency, fanaticism before fairness, and our own trivial comforts before the unspeakable agonies of others” 

Complicity by   

The term "Wall of Shame" (GermanSchandmauer) can be applied to things, including physical barriers (walls, fences, etc.) serving dishonourable or disputed separation purposes (like the Berlin Wall and the American border wall), physical and virtual bulletin boards listing names or images for purposes of shaming, and even lists in print (i.e., walls of text naming people, companies, etc. for the purpose of shaming them, or as record of embarrassment). [Wikipedia

It's undeniable that the "Scottish Government" in it's role as colonial overseer of the Scots on Westminster's behalf is now firmly adrift from the views and desires of the #YES movement.

Newspaper reports, social media, videos, and sound-bites of the depressingly pro-union "main stream media" are strewn with countless examples of how the people of Scotland  have been duped into an SNP1-SNP2 mesmerised state that is gnawing away at the majority will to be independent.

Note, that's to be independent. Not to enter a loop of "neverendums".  Independence is the priority, and yet at every turn the SNP NEC, it's gender obsessed acolytes and even the last two Lords Advocate have conspired to divert and discourage  #YES to mollify the Unionist minority in Scotland and the colonial masters in Westminster.

Why this blog?

Those who wish to see an independent Scotland need a single place where attacks on our freedoms, our society and the lies told can be archived, shared and "cross referenced".

In so doing we track those who abuse power, those who attack the people they are meant to protect, those who lie and those who kowtow to Westminster and English "law" rather than supporting Scottish Law, our Constitution and Claim of Right that makes the people Sovereign, not Holyrood, not Westminster, not the 'Queen" and certainly not any English court.

"Sub-Blogs" will post making a permanent record identifying:
  • Questionable actions by the Lord Advocate (and possibly the Scottish courts) siding with Westminster against the common good
  • Legislation designed to gag free speech
  • Scottish Government Public policy that attacks the most vulnerable 
  • Actions by Westminster that are patently racist (anti-Scottish)  in nature
  • Abuses of power by any public figure or media outlet

We can use this data to ensure that post independence people and institutions are brought to account where appropriate.
Shining a light into dark corners makes those considering the worst think twice.  It will be their wall of shame.



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Complicity - Lest We Forget
Posted on 7th August 2022 16:41:20 by Dr-Ivan-Bishop.

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