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Polite protest isnt

  Posted by: Dr-Ivan-Bishop on 20th August 2022 09:57:14.


 Polite protest isn't.

How dare the Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM), a wokey wholly owned subsidiary of the nuSNP, dare lecture #YES on how to behave in public, online, at hustings, or when confronting the Unionists who are only to happy to freeze us to death this winter and who starved people to death via austerity they voted in via colonial HQ that is Westminster. How dare they.

For your delectation here is their diktat. 

Our AIM inclusivity excludes YOU, #YES!

...we however agree that individuals and organisations refusing to subscribe to, or failing to meet, the claims and standards laid out in this pledge in this pledge will not be included in our collective and collaborative training, development, media activities and campaigning.

*Including, but not limited to, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Anglophobia, ableism, misogyny, ageism, antisemitism, Islamophobia and ethnic-nationalism. We accept the definitions of those terms as adopted by the political parties active in the Yes movement.



Stewart Hosie, (Scottish National Party MP for Dundee East) insulted every #YES member who has marched, leafleted , protested and given of themselves for decades to further the goal of removing Unionism from Scotland and re-establishing our Indepdendence Salvo.Scot  as he voiced support to making the "AIM pledge" the blueprint for a "Scotland-wide code".

He spouted that activists should not use “intemperate language which would weaken the campaign". 
The SNP is NOT even campaigning. ONLY Alba is. 

It's also pathtic given attacks on leading SNP MPs and SNP attacks on women.


All Hosie and AIMs hot air is merely stuff and nonsense. The Perth Husting welcome for the would be dictators of Truss and Sunak ALSO deserved "Bikers for yes", Bagpipes, Bull horns, and vast piles of shit be dumped À la française.

What's more telling, as per usual,  is the SNP and its wee acolytes "AIM"  didn't even show up to (temperately) insert roses in the flaring, rabidly Scots-hating nostrils of Englandistans latest despots. I'll say again. Pathetic.  

Wrapping up:

  • The nuSNP is full of misogyny
  • The nuSNP apparently supports the Apartheid state of Israel perpetrated against Palestinians
  • The nuSNP is pro-"UK" and hates its OWN people, displaying Stockholm Syndrome ethnic-nationalism against its own, loving the Westminster gravy train
  • 600+ English MPs gleefully hurt the Scots at every turn. Not every English person is bad, but their parliament hates the Scots - so much for "Anglophobia"
  • England is a Foreign Power occupying Scotland. Bute House is it's Colonial office. Period. Loving your occupier is both treason and Vichy

So, AIM - let #YES be clear. Keep your sensitive, whispering and politically correct crap for your meetings.
The rest of us will FIGHT for freedom. 

You earned places on this wall of shame


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