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SNP and Green Hatred of All Females

  Posted by: Dr-Ivan-Bishop on 10th January 2023 07:57:49.

­So this is 21st Century Scotland.

A colonial outpost of the "U.K." where we have to ask our Colonial overseers to protect the basic human rights of females (women and girls) in our country because a cabal of gender dysphoric people have subverted the entire political narrative to serve their skewed world views. Without public consultation this "Scottish Government" has shown it's more concerned about "pronouns" and the 0.2% (or less) of the population that uses them and exposing children to adult lifestyles they cannot hope to understand. The rights of parents and schools have been subverted. All this than aggressively pursuing Independence using Scottish Law  

Since August 2021 the SNP and Greens have done nothing to advance Independence.


They have instead colluded, without consulting parents or providing clear manifesto guidance, to "brainwash" Scottish children and some gullible "adults" on nonsense "gender theory".

Their "GRR" bill is an abomination that destroys the rights and privacy of women and girls and opens the doors to real-world predators who will leverage any opportunity to groom or assault children. 

Now we have to rely on Westminster to block this travesty,

How pathetic is that?


It also seems that either twitter censorship A.I. or some AGP suffering individual blocks you for saying the  SNP and Greens need "eradicating" at the polls.

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