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Career Politicians: Strangers youll never know

  Posted by: Dr-Ivan-Bishop on 4th September 2023 17:36:52.


Part I: The Playground

A definition: Politician

noun: a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.


This definition neither informs nor guarantees us as to their integrity nor ability.

As children we are taught never to trust strangers, to be persuaded by their kittens or sweet promises and follow them down dark alleys.

What happens as we grow older?

The Western political circus of strangers.

We watch the main stream media, read party manifestos, buy into vague promises and are beguiled by both party and politician personality glitz.

We forget that elites and their multi-national backers pay for the news, the narrative, the "candy" and often those very same politicians. Occasionally they let us run giddily after their chosen front-men , "vote" in hand - chasing the coulters candy.

Sounds idyllic? After all, so called Western democracies are built on this system of trust so ridiculous a child would ask "Why?".

We don't know these people!

Why indeed?

Are we so brainwashed and entrenched by centuries of notional democracy via the colonial system the "mother of all parliaments" (Westminster) forced on its' Colonial Emirs ("first ministers") that we cannot contemplate and explore other mechanisms more democratic, transparent, representative, inclusive and 21st Century "real-time"? The last characteristic is critical, though they all matter.

Some reading this will misinterpret the term "inclusive". Fundamentally our "democracies" have been hijacked by elites, corporate sponsors and career politicians. Each of these groups certain we can't see through their mutual veils of self-interest. We can rectify this exclusivity by eliminating the club-membership mentality.

We've watched in horror as Brexit unfolded. We cried - and laughed, as a cavalcade of clowns rotated through #10 and bowed heads in utter disbelief as the SNP imploded over corruption, appalling member relations, gender dysphoria and worst of all - kowtowing to English law.

All the time the SNP colluded with the "British" establishment, subverting police Scotland's impartiality , denigrating the role of Lords Advocate and derailing the independence movement.

We CAN do better. We HAVE to do better.

Continuing to embrace this status quo and this pseudo-democracy will leave us languishing in dirty money, nepotism, corruption, fake news, reduced human rights and a transcendent air of the elected politicians invincibility.

You voted for "them", now "they" may do as "their" party at large sees fit. Tory Brexit. SNP - generally.

You took the strangers hand and wandered into the park.


Your only protection, your only recourse, your only remedy -"that "vote" - again, every few years – after suitable brainwashing tuned to their latest agenda and magical candy promise tree.

Of course 77th brigade social media bots and all TV transmissions rush to the defense of the "party" or the "glorious leader" or your (hilarious) "freedom" - after "they" have stolen, lied and treated you with utter contempt between elections.

It's always darkest before the dawn.

How do we deliver democracy to the Sovereign people of Scotland that obeys our ancient constitution and laws yet circumvents the many failings of today's' Westminster imposed system – think party whips, suspensions etc?

Keeping the strangers and their fetishes out of civic life and their accountability real-time and local must be our priority

We don't try to "boil the Ocean", as the Americans say, but we do lay a solid foundation, step by step from the bottom up.


Part II The Foundation

We modernize Scotland's existing Constitution to include the UN protections for children and Asylum seekers. We incorporate the ECHR. We remove sectarian bias.

We have ALL elected officials at the local and national level, and all officers of the courts and police - and the (new) armed services, swear to uphold Scottish law and the Constitution and renounce all connections to the former “UK” (including the English Crown)

We put in place watertight codified penalties following fully public trials for breaking that oath. We protect whistle blowing.

We introduce and support through corporate taxation, Scottish main stream and traditional news media. The BBC is shutdown.

We build a new Scottish Internet backbone network with 5G ( or 6G) cell communications and fiber to secure our data from predatory 3rd party access, attack and infiltration. Countries with vast rugged landscapes (use Chrome translate) have proved this out.

We create a well-qualified layer of "executors" who codify voted decisions into national law or international agreement. A highly regulated "civil service" if you will. They'd operate under the same oath, with 100% permission to whistle blow if need be. This right would be protected to ensure transparency and accountability. All their actions would be audited. 

Scotland needs to be careful to keep able, patriot civil servants because we will need people who can codify issues voted into law/policy/treaty. Iraq collapsed as the Americans purged all Bathist party civil servants who kept Iraq running after their illegal invasion and decimation of that country.

Most importantly, we add a capstone for real-time, 21st Century democracy.


Estonia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, China and India have Digital-ID, in Scotland this would be protected in the constitution to ensure it would only ever be used for voting. We wouldn't make the mistakes India did with Adhar.

Many may raise the alarm bells but we ALL know how easily voting machines, postal votes and even sealed ballot boxes are compromised the world over.

Countries have run their (UN certified) general elections, and FAR more importantly, day-to-day governance using systems based on this and supporting encryption technologies e.g. Kenya

These SAME technologies permit instant after-the-vote reporting and sampling so everyone knows the decisions were propagated correctly. No tampering. No gerrymandering, no rigging.


Direct Democracy (use Chrome translate) by the majority public will, no party whips, no rigged voting and all corporations excluded - all almost REAL time. No need to wait for "elections". No need for a by-election to remove a bad-apple. Switzerland does this as a matter of day to day and even California, with a population of 33miliion has “Ballot initiatives” – People power driven by signatures to bypass career politicians.

This puts faith and trust back in the mix backed by cold, hard, indisputable verification. The will of the majority will be heard. Speak up,because you can, or, do not complain!

It also enforces our law. The Scottish people are Sovereign. There is NO transfer of this sovereignty when a vote is cast. Ever. The Sovereign Representative (not MSP) connects locally and can be fired at will if they are found guilty of breaking their sworn oath.


Part III Building the new

You're all wondering how is public debate stimulated, distilled, broadcast and codified into law? Who represents the local community if both party and MSP (career politician) are gone? How do issues and challenges "bubble up" to be debated and be decided (voted) upon locally? Who can raise concerns, ideas and opinions and how are these promoted to raise local awareness, discussion and even become topics of national concern? And, how are these aggregated to form national or international policy?

The initial reaction may be one of there are too many changes. Let's try and "fix" what we have.

Absolutely not, it's time to be brave!

Let's walk through some thought experiments.

Who represents me now?
Firstly - Sovereign Scots now have digital-ID for voting and debate. Your name, my name - everyone's name in the "ward" is there. It's LOCAL. One person over the age of "18", let's say for now, is selected (not elected) *at random* and offered the opportunity to be the local "Sovereign Representative" - the "MSP" if you will.

It comes with a rule book, Scotland’s modernized constitution, you work from home, you are salaried for a fixed term. You run "surgeries" like ye olde days that can be recorded and shared for analysis or even a good laugh. Covid brought the live meeting to be analyzed after if need be.

You ( the Sovereign representative) have a fast, national assembly (government) supplied internet connection/web site and a local physical office, paid for.

Here you are. No election, no party, no whips, no lobbyist, no campaign, no foreign or corporate money. Your local population are constantly voting on matters that interest them, but you are there to provide guidance (not policy) on Scotland’s constitution. You also attend daily briefings with other Sovereign representatives on what topics both national and international are “trending” so you can discuss with your local population. Zoom or surgeries or both. You are as well qualified to do this as any politician.

What ever gave a stranger - a career politician, drawn to power (yeah, sure - public service) more acumen on local OR national or even international issue accument than you?

NOTHING. Let's dispense with that fallacy. You - the local Sovereign representative will channel, engage with and distill the views and opinions of YOUR local people. Not a party owned minion.


How do local people raise issues that matter?

Firstly YOU live there, as does your Sovereign representative. You know what matters to the community of Sovereign Scots in your area. No party will tell you what does. (See Swiss site). You can initiate debates/referenda at any time using your digital-ID on your delegates central "civil service" provided web site or in person.

The whole country can see topics raised. The whole country can take part in debate driven via your delegates account but only locals can vote on the topic or matter at hand in your area. Other delegates may see the same topic raised (cloned) by one of their locals.

Again, everyone can see topics countrywide but only vote (digital-ID block chain certified) via their local delegate's web site. In this way nothing is hidden, no one sets the agenda, "viral" topics bubble up across the country. Issues that matter end up as "national referenda" that can be voted on by Sovereign representatives on behalf of their locals using the civil service web site area (this is what the original intent of the USA electoral college was) . Votes here become draft laws or policies or treaties. The Sovereign representative effectively transmits the will of his local community to an aggregate count on issues.

Every citizen gets a vote.  You are  citizen by birth or by following a naturalization process, like every country does.  If you naturalize you may only become a citizen by swearing the same oath as those serving the country. You will denounce the English crown. If you do not, you may live , work and be taxed, and have the same human rights, but you will not be able to vote. This is same as most of the world's countries.

It's normal.

Don't agree? Move to England. 

Anyone can start a debate (Citizen or not - you have your Digital-ID) 

But, only citizens get to vote. Owning a house, employing people or donating cash is not going to let you vote.

"Viral" issues, say giving 68 million to Kiev end up as a national vote. It’s open. It encourages engagement. Its fair. It stifles nepotism, corruption, hijacking of the narrative. It maintains the Sovereignty of every Scot. It is the collective will of the people.

This could well become a manifesto ;) But keep in mind Direct Democracy is what modern Western Countries can use. Why stay with the dinosaur M(S)P model, lack luster performance , unaccountability etc? If you believe WM and it's unelected House of Lords is a success, please move to England!


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